All leather goods require annual cleaning and conditioning, this is especially true when it comes to motorcycle apparel which is often worn in the heat and exposed to sun and salt from sweat. We recommend you have your garment cleaned and conditioned once a year to ensure its longevity.

Pilot offers a full cleaning and conditioning service for all leather garments. We follow a multistep process that leaves the leather revitalized and ready for another year of use.

SUITS $100




The garment is given a top to bottom inspection. Our technician looks for any loose threads, abrasions or holes that may have been missed by the customer during the quotation process.


The garment’s surface is cleaned to remove any dirt or debris that may have collected. A light scrubbing of the entire surface helps lift dirt and grim form the leather as well as well as dissolve salt that’s built up.


Zippers are cleaned of debris and dirt that may cause them to jam, lockup and ultimately break.

Once cleaned zippers are lubed and tested to ensure smooth operation.


This is an often overlooked but important part of the process. Overtime velcro looses its grab as dirt and debris get stuck to the surface.

Our technicians restore the velcro through a deep cleaning and test to ensure it grabs as it should.


Most modern suits/jackets allow the liner to be removed for cleaning, often however this isn’t done. The result is an accumulation of sweat and salt.

The liner is completely removed, thoroughly washed and re-installed. Trust us, this makes a world of difference.


This may be the most important aspect of leather care. Leather is a natural material and overtime it can dry and lose its natural moisture. This results in a brittle, inflexible material that no longer meets original performance specifications.

Our technician will apply a complete coating of high quality leather restoration conditioner. Luster and suppleness is restored and longevity is greatly improved.

If it’s been over a year since you’ve had your leather garment cleaned and conditioned, it’s time to send it in and have it refreshed.